Don't Ignore a Gas Leak

Choose Plumber's Unlimited & Leak Detection for gas line leak detection services in El Paso, TX

Do you smell natural gas at your home or place of business? We can locate the leak. Plumber's Unlimited & Leak Detection provides gas line leak detection services in the El Paso, TX area.

Gas line leaks are a serious issue. Small leaks can cause headaches and nausea, while more serious ones can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and explosions. We have the equipment needed to locate gas leaks on your property. Once we locate the leak, we'll repair or replace the broken line immediately.

Contact us today to arrange for reliable gas leak repair services. We can prevent gas line explosions at your residential, commercial or industrial property.

Learn how to identify a gas leak

Plumber's Unlimited & Leak Detection offers emergency gas line leak detection services in El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas. Natural gas leaks:

  • Smell like rotten eggs
  • Make hissing sounds
  • Cause plants to wilt and die

Call 915-834-9637 as soon as you suspect a gas leak. We'll send a gas leak repair technician to your property right away.