Act Before Your Yard is Covered in Sewage

Get professional sewer line leak detection services in El Paso, Texas

Plumber's Unlimited & Leak Detection does sewer line repair work in El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas. We can locate your sewer line leak and repair the broken section. Sewer lines can crack, collapse and rust over time. We have the equipment and experience needed to find your sewer line leak and repair or replace the broken line.

You might have a sewer line leak if:

  • Your home or business smells like waste water
  • Your sinks drain slowly
  • Your lawn is soggy or sunken
  • Your foundation or walls are cracking

Schedule emergency sewer line repair services by calling 915-834-9637 now. We can repair any leaks in a timely manner to minimize damage to your structure and grounds.

What's causing your sewer line to leak?

Plumber's Unlimited & Leak Detection tackles sewer line leak detection and repair projects in the El Paso, Texas area. We've found that sewer lines can crack, collapse or sag due to:

  • Shifting soil
  • Corroded seals
  • Invasive tree roots

No matter what's wrong with your sewer line, we can repair or replace it. Contact us today to discuss our sewer line leak detection and repair services in more detail.